Industrial Needs Panel Session Opens on Tuesday 22 August 2017


Industrial Needs Panel Session on‘Modernising Composite Regulations: New opportunities for research and development’
Ole Thybo Thomsen, Janice Dulieu-Barton, Simon Quinn and Rob Stevens
University of Southampton, UK

​        Time: Tuesday 22 August 2017, 15:40 – 17:40
    Location: Room 22 (209+210)

Abstract:  One of the major inhibitors to the uptake of composites in new sectors is that regulations, codes and standards are often inappropriate for composites. This is because they are both explicitly and implicitly based on named materials, such as steel, and do not permit consideration of composites applications despite the strengths and benefits of the materials in many cases. The regulations were the subject of a University of Southampton study by a multi-disciplinary team that has resulted in a position paper that has recently been published (

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The paper recommends that ‘performance’ assessment methods should be adapted to the needs of each sector to make it easier for manufacturers to prove that their materials can perform to the required operational safety and performance standards related to that sector.

In the panel session a summary of the key findings of the University of Southampton study will be presented, together with other short presentations from invited panellists to provide an international, cross sector perspective. A panel discussion will follow, taking questions from the floor, on the future process to achieve a more flexible and efficient regulatory system and the new opportunities for research and development that this will provide.


Welcome & Introduction / ‘Modernising composites regulations – a position paper’, Rear Admiral Rob Stevens & Professor Ole Thybo Thomsen, University of Southampton, UK

16:05-16:10:     Q&A

‘Composites regulations – an industry perspective’, Dr. Matthew Jevons,
FERCHAU Engineering GmbH, Aviation Division, Germany

16:20-16:25:    Q&A

‘Partnership between academia and industry on improving composite regulations and certification processes’, Professor Leif Asp, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

16:35-16:40:    Q&A

‘Fit for purpose composites regulations across sectors – a manufacturing perspective’, Professor Kevin Potter,
Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation & Science (ACCIS), University of Bristol, UK

16:50-16:55:    Q&A

‘Composites regulations – key challenges’, Professor Adrian Mouritz,
School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia

17:05-17:10:    Q&A

17:10-17:40:  Panel discussion

17:40:       Closure

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