Theme and Track

The conference will consist of seven themes. Each theme will contain 7-10 tracks and each track will be divided into several sessions depending on the submission of abstracts.
When submitting your abstract, please choose the most related track according to the classification as listed below.
Themes Tracks
1.Materials Science
Theme Leaders:

Debes Bhattarcharyya
University Auckland, New Zealand

Ozden Ochoa
Texas A&M University, USA

Soon Hyung Hong
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Mingqiu Zhang
Sun Yat-Sen University, China
1.1 Polymer Matrix Materials
Track Leaders:
Joong Hee Lee Chonbuk National University, Korea
Zhiyong(Richard)Liang Florida State University, USA
Liqun Zhang Beijing University of Chemical Technology, USA
1.2 Ceramic Matrix Composites
Track Leaders:
Laifei Cheng Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Xinghong Zhang Harbin Institute of Technology  China
1.3 Metal Matrix Composites
Track Leaders:
Di Zhang Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Ho-Jin Ryu Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Daolun Chen Ryerson University, Canada
1.4 Green Composites
Track Leaders:
Jung-Il Song Changwon National University, Korea
Hao Wang University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Yan Li Tongji University, China
Chang-Mou Wu National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan,China
1.5 Bio-Composites
Track Leaders:
Bo Su University of Bristol, UK
Kristiina Oksman Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
1.6 Nano-Composites
Track Leaders:
Jihua Gou University of Central Florida, USA
Robert J. Young University of Manchester, UK
Karl Schulte Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
1.7 Fibers
Track Leaders:
Edith Mäder Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden, Germany
Kap-Seung Yang Chonnam National University, Korea
1.8 Fiber-reinforced Composites
Track Leaders:
Ramesh Talreja Texas A&M University, USA
Shaoyun Fu Chongqing University, China
1.9 Textile-Based Composites
Track Leaders:
Stepan Lomov KU Leuven, Belgium
John D. Whitcomb Texas A&M University, USA
Frank K. Ko University of BritishColumbia, Canada
1.10 Hybrid Composites
Track Leaders:
Erik Thostenson University of Delaware, USA
Lars Berglund KTH Royal Inst of Technology, Sweden
1.11 Ductile and Pseudo-ductile Composites
Track Leaders:
Alexander Bismarck Imperial College London
Milo Shaffer Imperial College London
Paul Robinson Imperial College London
Michael Wisnom University of Bristol, UK  
2.Structural Design
Theme Leaders:

Yapa D. S. Rajapakse
Office of Naval Research, USA

Anthony Waas
University of Washington, USA

Leif Asp
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
2.1 Structural Analysis and Optimization
Track Leaders:
Heng Hu Wuhan University, China
Fabrizio Scarpa University of Bristol, UK
Erik Lund Aalborg University, Denmark
2.2 Multiscale Modelling of Structures
Track Leaders:
Aditi Chattopadhyay Arizona State University, USA
James D. Lee The George Washington University, USA
Wenbin Yu Purdue University, USA
Zhen Chen University of Missouri, USA
2.3 Damage Tolerance of Composites Structures
Track Leaders:
Pedro P. Camanho University of Porto, Portugal
Ivana Partridge University of Bristol, UK
2.4 Structural Design Criteria, Safety and Reliability
Track Leaders:
Wei Gao The University of New South Wales, Australia
Nak-Sam Choi Hanyang University, Korea
Sandwich Structures and Materials
Track Leaders:
Chun-Gon Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Guoxing Lu Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Zhongwei Guan University of Liverpool, UK
Christian Berggreen Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
2.6 Joints
Track Leaders:
Stefanie Feih Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore
Shuguang Li University of Nottingham, UK
2.7 Composite Structures
Track Leaders:
Luciano Feo University of Salerno, Italy
Reza Vaziri University of British Columbia, Canada
Office Naval Research (ONR) Session
Track Leaders:
Yapa D. S. Rajapakse Office of Naval Research, USA
Fu-Pen Chiang State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA
Christian Berggreen Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
3.Experimental Methods
Theme Leaders:

Fu-Pen Chiang
Stony Brook University, USA

Jian Lu
City University of Hong Kong, China

Chun Wang
University of New South Wales, USA

Zhong Zhang
National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China
3.1 Digital Image
Track Leaders:
Nam Seo Goo Konkuk University, Korea
Huimin Xie Tsinghua University, China
Kemao Qian Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  
Ultrasound, Acoustic Emission, and Electromagnetic waves
Track Leaders:
Yoji Okabe The University of Tokyo, Japan
Jung-Ryul Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
3.3 X-Ray Computed Tomography
Track Leaders:
Johann Kastner University of Applied Science Upper Austria, Austria
Lingtao Mao China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
Jianguo Zhu China University of Mining & Technology, China
3.4 Interferometric Techniques
Track Leaders:
Wei-Chung Wang National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China
Yu-Lung Lo National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, China
3.5 Thermography
Track Leaders:
Janice M Barton University of Southampton, UK
Nik Rajic Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
3.6 Micro- and Nano- Scale Test Methods
Track Leaders:
Junfeng Geng University of Bolton, UK
Jiangyu Li University of Washington, USA
3.7 Moire and Grid Based Technique
Track Leaders:
Motoharu Fujigaki University of Fukui, Japan
Satoshi Kishimoto National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
3.8 Other New Testing Methods
Track Leaders:
Cesar Sciammarella Northern Illinois University, USA
Zhanwei Liu Beijing Institute of Technology, China
4.Mechanical Properties
Theme Leaders:

Ole Thybo Thomsen
University of Southampton, UK

Adrian Mouritz
RMIT University, Australia

Masaki Hojo
Kyoto University, Japan
4.1 Constitutive Models
Track Leaders:
Qingsheng Yang Beijing University of Technology, China
Qing-ping Sun The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, China
4.2 Fracture and Damage
Track Leaders:
Xiqiao Feng Tsinghua Universit, China
Chiara Bisagni
Delft University of Technology,Netherland
4.3 Fatigue
Track Leaders:
Bent F. Sørensen Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Ning Hu Chongqing University, China
Shengping Shen Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Tong Earn Tay National University of Singapore, Singapore
4.4 Dynamic Fracture
Track Leaders:
Erasmo Carrera Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Jian Wang Kingston University, UK
Lizhi Sun University of California, Irvine,USA
4.5 Dynamic Behavior
Track Leaders:
Guoliang Huang University of Missouri, USA
Golam Newaz Wayne State University, USA
Lanhong Dai Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
4.6 Tribology and Wear
Track Leaders:
Witold Brostow University of North Texas, USA
Jinglei Yang Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Klaus Friedrich The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China  
4.7 Interfaces and Interphases
Track Leaders:
Jianxiang Wang Peking University, China
Yuantong Gu Queensland University of Technology, Australia
James Thomason University of Strathclyde, UK
David Seveno Katholieke University  Leuven, Belgium
Alessandro Pegoretti University of Trento, Italy
4.8 Durability, Creep and Aggressive Environment
Track Leaders:
Rui Miranda Guedes University of Porto,  Portugal
Kishore Pochiraju Stevens Institute of Technology, Singapore
5.Multifunctional and Smart Composites
Theme Advisors:

B.-L. ("Les") Lee
Air Force Office of Scientific Research, USA

James P. Thomas
United States Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Theme Leaders:

Daniel Inman
University of Michigan, USA

Fu-Kuo Chang
Stanford University, USA
5.1 Sensing and Self-Diagnosis
Track Leaders:
Jayantha A. Epaarachchi University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Xinlin Qing Xiamen University, China
5.2 Actuation and Dynamic Response
Track Leaders:
Daniel J. Inman University of Michigan, USA
Alison B. Flatau University of Michigan, USA
Jinhao Qiu Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
5.3 Stimuli Responsiveness and Shape Reconfiguration
Track Leaders:
Qibing Pei University of California, LosAngeles,USA
Yanju Liu Harbin Insitute of Technology, China
Darren Hartl Texas A&M University, USA
5.4 Self-Healing and Bio-inspired Designs
Track Leaders:
David Kisailus University of California, Riverside,USA
Richard Trask University of Bath, UK
5.5 Energy Harvesting and Storage
Track Leaders:
Ya Wang SUNY Stony Brook, USA
Ping Liu University of California, San Diego,USA
5.6 Smart Structures
Track Leaders:
Jay Kudva NextGen Aeronautics, Inc., Korea
Kon-Well Wang University of Michigan, USA
Ayech Benjeddou Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris    France
5.7 Coupled Properties and Multi-Physics Models
Track Leaders:
Narayana Aluru University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Marcelo J. Dapino The Ohio State University, USA
Liwu Liu Harbin Institute of Technology, China
5.8 Design and Manufacture for Multifunctionality
Track Leaders:
Christopher S. Lynch University of California, Los Angeles,USA
H. Jerry Qi Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Ioannis Chasiotis University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Acoustic Meta-Composite
Track Leaders:
Guoliang Huang University of Missouri, USA
Yue-Sheng Wang
Beijing Jiaotong University, China
6.Processing and Manufacturing
Theme Leaders:

Pascal Hubert
McGill University, Canada

Byung Sun Kim
Korea Institute of Material Science, Korea

Kevin D Potter
University of Bristol, UK

Hua-Xin Peng
Zhejiang University, China
6.1 Process Modelling
Track Leaders:
Tao Zhang Kingston University, UK
Jesper Hattel Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
6.2 Processing-Manufacturing Technologies
Track Leaders:
Gangadhara Prusty University of New South Wales, Australia
John Summerscales Plymouth University, UK
BC Eric Kim University of Bristol,  UK
6.3 Processing-Preforming Technologies
Track Leaders:
Gerard Fernando University of Birmingham, UK
6.4 Process Induced Effects
Track Leaders:
Alper Aktas National Physical Laboratory, UK
Richard Butler University of Bath,  UK
6.5 Experimental Methods for Process Characterization
Track Leaders:
Nicolas Boyard French National Centre for Scientific Research, France
Min Li Beihang University, China
Steven Le Corre Université de Nantes, France
6.6 Liquid Composites Moulding
Track Leaders:
Chris Rudd The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Lee Harper The University of Nottingham, UK
6.7 Recycling of Composites and Sustainability
Track Leaders:
Robert Kwok-Yiu Li City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,China
6.8 Manufacturing Up-Scaling and Automation
Track Leaders:
Takashi Ishikawa Nagoya University, Japan
Neil Reynolds University of Warwick, UK
6.9 Additive Manufacturing
Track Leaders:
Masahito Ueda Nihon University, Japan
Jaehwan Kim Inha University, Korea
6.10 Machining of Composites
Track Leaders:
Luís Miguel P. Durão  Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal  
Theme Leaders:

Alan KT Lau
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Murray Scott
Advanced Composite Structures Australia Pty Ltd., Australia

Norman Wereley
University of Maryland, USA
7.1 Aerospace
Track Leaders:
Matthew Jevons FERCHAU Engineering, Germany
Jifeng Xu Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., China
7.2 Automotive and Rail
Track Leaders:
Karl Ulrich Kainer Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Jun Takahashi The University of Tokyo, Japan
Xinran (Sharon) Xiao Michigan State University, USA
7.3 Bio and Medical
Track Leaders:
Yihui Zhang Tsinghua University, China
7.4 Civil Engineering
Track Leaders:
Ayman Mosallam University of California, Irvine,USA
7.5 Offshore and Subsea
Track Leaders:
Ming-Hwa R. Jen National Sun Yat-Sen University, China
K.H. Leong PETRONAS, Malaysia
7.6 Renewable Energy
Track Leaders:
John Zhanhu Guo The University of Tennessee, USA
Su Su Wang University of Houston, USA
7.7 Composite Repair
Track Leaders:
John J Wang
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
7.8 Industry Needs
Track Leaders:
Sayata Ghose The Boeing Company   USA
Ji Su Langley Research Center, NASA,USA