Oral Presentations

Each presenter has 20 minutes totally – 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. A warning will be given when 5 minutes left. When the 20 minutes have gone, the presentation will be terminated. The session chair will be very strict in administering time. Please adhere to the time schedule.

Poster Presentations

Standard SIZE: 80 cm (width) × 120 cm (length)

The poster boards are available from Monday 21 August at 9:00 am. All posters will have to be removed by 4:30 pm on Thursday 24 August. The conference organising committee takes no responsibility for posters after that. 

Mini-oral Presentations

The poster session at ICCM21 will include mini-oral presentation on Wednesday 23 August in the Centre Stage on the first floor. Each presenter can have up to a maximum of 3 minutes and 3 slides. The arrangement of mini-oral presentation will be fully integrated in the scientific program.
This will be followed by Poster Exhibition and Reception in the Center Stage on the first floor where presenters are to stand by their posters to answer questions. 


Speaker Ready Room

All presentations for the ICCM21 are uploaded to our networked computer system in the speakers preview, or “Speakers Ready Room” as it is often called. Here, a technician will copy the presentation to our hard-disk and run it through in the presence of the presenter. Often, typographical errors or technical difficulties (e.g. with video files) can be resolved “on the spot”.

We prefer to have your presentation uploaded the day before your mini-oral presentation and at least 3 hours in advance.


Technical Information

Software available: Windows 7, 10; Office 2010 Pro English (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
Multimedia formats: *.mp3, *.mp4, *.wmv, *.mpg, *.mov.

Full HD projector (1920 × 1080 pixels )

Presentation slide has to be in the 16:9 or 4:3 format.